Monday, April 10, 2017
What are the best leather seat covers?

leather seat cover

What are the best leather seat covers?

Leather seats add a touch of luxury to any vehicle.  Some of us aren't lucky enough to have our cars equipped with leather seats right off the dealership lot, but with the help of seat covers, we can improvise.  There are a variety of leather seat covers out there that can upgrade your interior and give you that smooth, Deluxe look and feel.   So how can you tell which leather seat covers are the best for your car?  Take a look at the different types of leather seat covers to help you decide.  
  1. Genuine Leather Seat Covers
Naturally, genuine leather seat covers are the closest thing you'll get to OEM leather seats.  They look good, feel good, and even smell good.  However, they definitely come with a price tag.  And on top of that, they're susceptible to damage such as tearing from sharp objects which can be extra devastating when you consider how much you paid for them.  
  1. PU Leather Seat Covers
PU leather is the easiest and most affordable solution to getting that opulent leather look without the price tag or the upkeep.  The material looks and feels strikingly similar to genuine leather while being easier to clean and less vulnerable to severe damage as it is less prone to scuffing and scratching.  It also won't stretch, warp, or fade over time.  And of course, synthetic leather is cruelty free as there is no animal hide involved in its production!  
  1. Deluxe Leatherette Seat Covers
Deluxe leatherette has all the benefits of PU leather and some bonus perks to boot.  The material is even softer than standard PU leather and is coated in a protective layer to add some additional shine and keep the leatherette safe from whatever life throws your way.  
  1. Perforated Leatherette Seat Covers
Perforated leatherette adds a unique twist to the look of your seat covers while also adding some function, as it helps to disperse heat and circulate air flow behind you.  Functional and fashionable...can you really ask for more?

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Monday, January 30, 2017
Since China copy iPhone LCD Screen (A quality) has come out, the price of LCD Screen sales or recycling have been dropped very quickly.

What is China Copy iPhone LCD Screen?


That is A quality iPhone LCD Screen in For the A quality iPhone LCD Screen, it is brand new iPhone LCD Screen. There is not refurbished from the broken screen. Everything is new and stable to install into the cell phone.  

From the upper iPhone LCD Screen image. Actually, China High Copy has come out on October 10th 2016. After this situation, the A quality of LCD is much lower than the AA or AAA quality. We will make explanations from our company.


When the China Copy iPhone LCD screen has come out, our company did recycling for the broken screen. For example, the price of China copy LCD screen is lower than the OEM of iPhone broken one. There has two type of recycling screen. One is OEM. Another one is high copy. In the previous period, many companies manufactures iPhone LCD screen, but right now there are only few companies left.  That company only manufactures the OEM screen. By the way, the broken screens are for the China copy which doesn’t have any value for the recycling. Whatever the broken screen are OEM or high copy, those broken screens definitely are refurbished to the new LCD screens. The quality will be divided by AA and AAA. Its have different between AA and AAA. AAA quality is obviously better than the AA quality. 


There have 3 big companies to manufacture China High Copy which is LONG TENG, TIAN MA, and JING DONG FANG. After few months testing, LONG TENG is stable in the market. The company is not easy to have any issues. The screen is much brighter than others. On the other hand, you do not ask whether the LCD is using cold or warm pressures. During the warm pressures issue, right now, most of 90% companies have already used the cold pressures to make the LCD screen. Our company is also one of them


Most of big repair stores are looking for lower price, so the owner will choose Alibaba website to find cheaper vendor. You may get the cheap price, but the quality is not much high. Before I used to work at GTE Inc, the company purchased the low quality of LCD Screen. After replacing the screen in the first month, the screen did not have any problem. However, one month or one week later, the LCD screen became black screen or defective. This situation made the huge affect which is loss many customers in the same time. After a while, many customers won’t buy any quality from the company. Meanwhile, I believed that it’s hard to connect each other from one country to other country. The communication is become harder and harder. In my point of views, looking for the lower iphone LCD screen, it can help you to improve the effective and competition. Actually, this is high risk issue. . The sellers can refund or exchange the screen, but how do the customers rely on your store? This is really the store owners have to consider about the question.    


For personal view, If your want to change the cell phone in the short period of time, you can purchase A quality to instead of the high quality screens. For the long term period, we suggest that you can purchase AAA quality or go to the repair stores. 


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Thursday, February 11, 2016
Apple New Products this Spring

In this report, the analysts assume that Apple will release iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and MacBook in the beginning of this year 2016. Meanwhile, the analysts also provide some assumption for those new devices such as marketing aspects.

Release iPhone 5se this Spring:




The information of new 4 inches iPhone becomes more and more in the social media area. Before some information indicated that the device called iPhone 6C, and then became iPhone 5E, the new information became iPhone 5SE. Are there new 4 inches iPhone device?


The new information points out that new 4 inches iPhone LCD screen will be named iPhone 5SE, which upgrades iPhone 5S. This device will add NFC approach connection function and support VoLTE. The test model is A1622 and A1723. For configuration, this device includes the A9 version of the processor. It has two version of storage 16GB and 64GB. The battery is 1624mAh. The buyers can choose three colors which are similar to iPhone 5S.


In recently generation iPhone conference, Schiller does the presentation on the stage to explain iPhone new innovation, feature, selling point, and price. No one can compare with him to know what iPhone movement is. When the people asked whether Apple will release the small size of iPhone, Apple did not give any direct answer. However, he already noticed this information and not deny to exist small size of iPhone. The answer he gave that the market needs the surprise. Certainly, Schiller mentioned that Apple is very carefully to provide the new device and to pick up the perfect timing.


The analysts indicated that Apple adjusts new 4 inches iPhone in 2016. Even though 4 inches iPhone paid more attention to it, but we think whether it is the body design or hardware specifications and this product cannot be called new innovation. From another point of views, the sales of iPhone 5S will be affected. Therefore, Apple would minimum 4 inches iPhone from 18 million around 20 million to change 10 million around 12 million.

MacBook Keeping Growth:




For MacBook, Apple has successfully expanded in the business market. Therefore, the product of MacBook manufacturer line will keep increasing. It is the highlight in 2016. The first three months of upgrading will play the role of boosting.


The analysts believe that the product line will improve Apple increasing, and foresee improvement in the business section. The new products of sales conference will increase very fast in June. The suppliers of Apple, SZS, and Casetek, also will gain the profit from these release products.


Although new Macbook will be coming soon, but we cannot define what the specification is. Apple has been waiting for new Intel “Skylake”.  This new platform can bring 10% to 20% general performance and 16% to 41% set of significant performance. The special design 14 nm structure, the function also can improve.


The notebook platform with Skylake processors will improve the battery of device over 30% increasing. In the report, the analysts did not mention the new MacBook or bring another improvement on the other aspects. However, someone also pointed out that new MacBook will bring more benefits in the beginning of the year 2016. The time was almost coincidence on the release conference


On November last year, the news pointed out that Apple releases new MacBook Air on WWDC 2016. The size of the device will expand maximum 15 inches and minimum 11 inches.

iPad Air 3 Coming Soon




The analysts assumed that Apple will release new iPad Air at the beginning of the year. In 2015, Apple upgraded iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro, but the manufacturer line of iPad Air have not any updated. On October 2014, iPad Air 2 had A8X SoC, but other aspects did not have any upgrade. Therefore, the sales of iPad went down and never stopped. Most of the analysts do not think that the sale of iPad can gain the more benefit.


Now, the design of iPhone Air 3 does not have any information in the social media. Although we expect that Apple can bring more surprised, but we cannot expect much changing in this device. Apple still keeps the size of iPad and the body will become thinner, but iPad Air 2 is already thinner enough. In the analysts’ point of views, Apple has not to spend more time to do any external changing. However, they can improve the internal and battery.


Except 9.7 inches of the screen, iPhone 6S has already used 3D Touch, so it will have the same function on the iPad Air 3. According to the information, iPad Air 3 probably has 2334×3112 resolution display 4K level, which compares 2048×1536 resolution display of iPad Air 2 to step into big movement, but the truth remains to be verified.


For hardware aspect, iPad Air 3 would have a new and fast processor. The iPad Air 2 already used A8X processor. Also, iPad Pro used A9x. Therefore, The iPad Air 3 would install A10 processor. Otherwise, RAM could improve into the new device. Even though iPad Air 2 already has 2GB RAM, but iPad Pro has 4GB RAM. Because iPad Pro focuses on the professional group such as designer, iPad Air 3 would have 3GB which is not impressed.


In addition, Touch ID will continue showing up. Meanwhile, there has some information said that iPad Air 3 will enhance 13-million-pixel camera with LED flash. The front camera would also improve into 5-million-pixel or 8-million-pixel.

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Friday, February 05, 2016
How can Apple improve the low-power mode?

IOS 9 can stretch battery power

Battery power has been continually developed for each smartphone. For every upgrading, hardware manufacturers improve to enhance battery power, however, when hardware reaching the top of the upgrade, manufacturer has to upgrade the software. Apple added a new “low power mode” to the iPhone as part of iOS 9. You’ll be prompted to activate it each time your phone reaches 20 percent battery, but you can also enable it before that point to stretch your battery power further.

iOS 9 low battery mode limits the network activity and reduces some of the function to achieve the purpose of saving battery. For example, when the cell phone is low battery, the mail cannot be sent out. The users have to check by themselves. The daemon will disable auto refresh and download. Dynamic effects and Brightness definitely turned off or change to the lower function. The speed of network probably will decrease, but the users can still be online.

iOS 9 has another power saving function. When you flip down the iPhone screen on a platform, the screen will not display anymore. Even though the notification comes in, the light will still not show up. This is the advantage of the built-in iPhone hardware, called “proximity sensor”. The iOS 9 enhances battery power, which is a brilliant strategy that Apple provides to their products.

iPhone doesn’t have to be this thin


Every time Apple launches new products, the word “thinner” and “lighter” become the must words. But many consumers are not really interested in them because that usually means the battery life can be shortened by thinner and lighter.

If it needs to be smaller, apple has to reduce the size and weight in different parts of the device. And most probably, the cost would be making the battery smaller with shortness of the battery consistency. If apple does not scarify the capacity of the battery, can they find a way to expand the battery power in the cost of weightless the device? Likewise, the height of the iPhone 6 is only 6.9mm. Many people thought one of the reasons that the iPhone 6 get curved is because it’s too thin beside the material problem.

The height of iPhone 6 is kind too thin to many users. They prefer to make it thicker to improve the capacity of the battery so that their phone can live longer between charges.

More functions added to control center

The control center is the place where we can open some features, like the Bluetooth and wi-Fi which especially consumes the battery.


Our feedback shows that many customers want they put the LTE/4G feature in the control center. Once the low-battery mode been turned on, it can really save a lot of power. And so is the location service.

The low-battery mode can be improved

The low-battery mode is a big progress to the capacity of the battery. But there are still potential to make more improvements. If the device is connected to the Wi-Fi, then it can be disconnected with other cellular features automatically. Some users tested the low-battery mode, they found even though the device can’t fully function it can still muti-task.


Is it possible to make different operation mode for specific tasks? We know on the laptop we can choose different function mode to maximize the capacity of the battery, for example, the game mode. Why don’t iOS provide us the similar feature by customizing the control center by users, or support a mode with a specific scenario? For instance, when we only want to check emails or listen to the music, we can switch to the low battery mode automatically. When we play games it can transfer back to the regular mode.


Apple would certainly want to make the mode switch automatically, however, what if it can be customized by users? What if they can take control of the mode they want? I believe if it’s for the power consistency they would willing to set up the mode feature by their own.

What do you think Apple should do to improve their battery capacity? Do you wish Apple provide more controllable experience and set up the operation mode based on your personal habits in the purpose of maximizing the battery capacity?

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